Uso de la zona WIFI Telefónica

17 May

Este fin de semana me desplazaré a un hotel donde disponen de zona Wifi de Telefónica según me informaron.

|tarjeta Global

Ya me he hecho con mi Tarjeta Global y haré un review para ver si lo que comentó enriquedans hace algún tiempo me pasa a mi también.

Comentaré los aspectos de seguridad que observe, ya que de planteamiento veo que tiene sus fallos, así­ como intentaré hacer voip y comentaré si son satisfactorias o no las pruebas.


Ya hay Paypal España

16 May

Bueno ya tenemos Paypal España, aunque no me registro porque la polí­tica que hay q aceptar , no me hace mucha gracia.

Sí­ También acepto que PayPal (Europe) Ltd. procese y almacene mi información en los Estados Unidos de América en ordenadores radicados en su empresa madre, PayPal Inc., observando los términos de la polí­tica de privacidad de PayPal. PayPal (Europe) Ltd. está regulada por la Autoridad de servicios financieros del Reino Unido como un emisor de dinero electrónico. Las Condiciones de uso y las polí­ticas aquí­ referidas contienen información sobre sus derechos como cliente de PayPal y el riesgo derivado de la adquisición, uso o posesión de dinero electrónico. Lea detenidamente estos documentos antes de utilizar el servicio PayPal.

Enlace a Introducción

Las pérdidas de paquetes con peoplecall

13 May

Con peoplecall desde hace poco tiempo, tengo unas pérdidas de paquetes (voip) que considero que no es muy normal. Me pasa con el g.729 , sin embargo con el g.723 se pierde un paquete cada 20 segundos, cosa hasta normal.

Con el g.729 en un minuto tení­a hace unas semanas 100 paquetes perdidos por minuto aproximadamente.

Hoy tengo lo siguiente:

Call 2 Status
Line State: Connected Tone: None
Encoder: G729a Decoder: G729a
Type: Outbound Remote Hold: No
Callback: Peer Name:
Peer Phone: xxxxxx Duration: 00:00:53
Packets Sent: 1474 Packets Recv: 914
Bytes Sent: 58960 Bytes Recv: 36020
Decode Latency: 40 ms Jitter: 1 ms
Round Trip Delay: 0 ms Packets Lost: 9
Packet Error: 0 Mapped RTP Port: xxxxx >> xxxxx

Parece que se está mejorando.

Te pasa a tí­ lo mismo?. O es un problema mí­o?

E.164 Gratis

12 May

What is e164?

In a nutshell: is a directory of telephone numbers that can be reached over the Internet.

The system works by publishing a DNS zone, ‘’, that can be used by various Internet applications including SER, Gnome Meeting and Asterisk. The idea is to be able to map your phone number to an Email address, website, VoIP addresses, etc. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for some of the FAQ’s, (post any questions you have too!), and better yet, create yourself an account and register your phone number!

Carta del Presidente de BroadVoice

12 May

Open Letter from David Epstein, President of BroadVoice, to our customers:

The last seven days have been very difficult for BroadVoice and many of our customers and I’d like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I also want to explain, briefly, why service has been intermittent or interrupted for some, and what we have been doing to solve the problems.

On Wednesday May 5th at 2 am, BroadVoice began a major infrastructure upgrade of our core systems. This upgrade, which initially went as planned and had been tested in our lab, represents a substantial investment in future service enhancements that will allow us to add more features, new CODECs and additional user capacity. In retrospect, the upgrade could not have happened at a worse time.

On Thursday May 6th at 9 am a 12-month long dispute with a telecom carrier partner came to a head, when that carrier unilaterally broke off negotiations and interrupted some of our outbound calling services and all of the inbound calling services of over 7,000 BroadVoice customers. Even though BroadVoice has received bills from the carrier that inflated charges due by over 44% and, in some cases, reflected rates that are 13 times the contracted rate, BroadVoice has paid 100% of the undisputed charges. The heart of the dispute involves the appropriate classification of our users’ calls. BroadVoice believes these calls originate from the Internet which is global in nature. We further believe that the proper resolution of this open issue has significant implications for all VoIP service providers and end users.

Fortunately, we quickly found alternate carriers who have worked with us around the clock to restore service to the effected users. Unfortunately, the combination of the above upgrade and the need to technically interconnect with these new carrier partners on such short notice has exposed some significant bugs in the newly upgraded system that were not present in our earlier testing. Our team and the vendors involved are making substantial progress on stabilizing the system and removing the remaining issues – but they are not done yet. We believe we have identified all the remaining issues and are working to fix them as soon as possible.

I am sorry this communication did not go out earlier but we have been 100% focused on resolving the problems and the team here is working non-stop to do just that. We have seen incremental improvements, and a number of issues are resolved, but there is more to do.

We all apologize for any interruptions you may have experienced, and we thank you for your loyalty and your patience. We will continue to work 24/7 to bring you the high-quality, feature-rich service you deserve, as we are committed to making BroadVoice the best VOIP service available.

D –

David Epstein



Tenéis el original aquí­

La verdad sobre BroadVoice

11 May

Si es que algo me olí­a.

GlobalCrossing les cerró el grifo de carrier porque debí­an millones de dólares…

Extraí­do de

BroadVoice Broke!

Just heard this on IRC. Some of the guys in #asterisk have been working with BroadVoice to start terminating their calls because BV can no longer use Global Crossing like they have been so far.

Apparently, BroadVoice’s problems are due to them being unable to pay their bills!

They owe their providers a lot of money and are being shut off for non-payment. This is why all Global Crossing numbers were having problems as well as why outgoing calls weren’t being completed (also Global Crossing). I’ve also been seeing weird stuff happening like voicemail messages and error messages saying “asterisk”. Apparently they’re scrambling to find someone to terminate calls through because they can’t use GBX anymore. They have resorted to signing up with these one-man IAX operations found on #asterisk. Check your ANI or error messages — like the guy above said, they’re showing “asterisk” in the CallerID. No company spends millions on BroadSoft switches and dumps them for Asterisk before they’ve recouped their investment. The CID is coming from the IAX providers underneath.

SunRocket working in a GBX rate center but BV is not? This is why. There is no problem with GBX or we’d have a Vonage-down thread too, they have tens of thousands of GBX customers. XO and GNAPS numbers working while GBX is not? This is why. They must have paid their XO bill (or they only use them for incoming so they don’t owe them as much) and GNAPS owns BroadVoice. Why no answer as to what is down/broken? Because nothing is! Basically GBX is trying to muscle them into paying up!

Also, the anonymous poster from before is completely right and must have some insider info:

The global crossing contrqacts state that if more than 5% of all international traffic terminates to a NGN (nongeographic number) excluding mobiles then $5.99 is added to each NGN minute sent. Broadvoice oddly breaks NCFA/LCFA seperate from NGN (they are all NGN). Global Crossing (whom broadvoice uses for PSTN interconnection) may not see the difference.

It could have been millions of dollars that broadvoice now owes global crossing and they may be doing everything they can to block those numbers to prevent further problems.


And the final catch — if BV can’t use GBX, the Unlimited World plan is screwed because they’re not going to get rates like that anywhere else. Especially once word gets around in the industry that they don’t pay their bills. Who wants to be first to call up GBX and get BV’s sales rep on the phone to confirm this story?

BroadVoice diez dí­as después

10 May

Hace unos dí­as comenté los problemas que tení­a BV en cuanto a una caí­da de sus sistemas.

Problemas de llamadas entrantes, salientes, internacionales, de facturación…

Pues diez dí­as después sigue con esos problemas, de los que simplemente ha notificado a sus usuarios diciendo ” Our Staff is working on it”.

Nadie está libre de caí­das, más cuando no pones sistemas de backup, ya le pasó a Vonage hace tiempo, y la caí­da duró dos dí­as por un fallo simple de dns ( ya sabemos lo que tarda a veces en propagarse),pero casi más de una semana me parece un poco excesivo. Mi tesis de “One Man Company” parece comprobarse.

Podéis leer más información en los enlaces que os pongo abajo.

Enlace 1

Enlace 2

Enlace 3

Cambio de dominio

10 May

Para facilitar la identificación del blog se ha cambiado de el acceso a

En todo momento se redirecciona a la nueva dirección.


Porqué no me gusta Skype…

10 May

Primero , eso de que sea un protocolo cerrado no me hace gracia. Después que use una red P2P en la que le regalo ancho de banda de mi conexión para que ellos encaminen llamadas através de mí­, saquen dinero y no me den a mi nada a cambio, pues tampoco me hace gracia.

La calidad , cierto es que no es mala, y la terminación a PSTN tiene unos precios competitivos, pero , la recarga de la cuenta por ejemplo con tarjetas europeas es una odisea.

Si no consumes tu saldo pasado un perí­odo de tiempo, creo recordar 30 dí­as, se te comen el saldo.

No ofrecen números geográficos en todos los paí­ses, contratando SIP con otro proveedor puedo tener un número USA, UK, Español, Francés,Alemán…

Cobran por tener Buzón de Voz(VoiceMail), generalmente este es un servicio gratuito. Incluso FWD lo ofrece gratis.

Por eso y por mucho más, no me gusta Skype. Ya se que hay muchos seguidores, pero esto es como ser Debianita o ser RedHatero. SIP es lo purista, lo abierto, lo estándar y Skype ha cogido la idea, la ha programado , la ha patentado y lo vende como la idea del Siglo.

Cierto es que ellos han conseguido crecer como nadie, pero con la fama del P2P y de su Kazza, tení­an mucho terreno ganado.