VXI* 5.2 liberado

4 Dec

I6net lanza la versión 5.2 de su browser XML más conocido y usado para Asterisk.

La lista de cambios y mejoras es la siguiente:

mod: Correction in the fonction wait/silence (wait for openvxi).
add: Add the parameter dialnumbersonly to filter called numbers.
mod: Change the open sequence for better reactivity.
mod: Increase the number of accounts to 200.
add: File descriptors counters (with show top).
add: Average statistiques (duration, response and CAPS).
mod: Replace the nanohttp library by the libcurl.
add: Extra parameters in the transfer (after mark ‘,’) for to the Dial command.
add: Command line parameters -U and -G to change the OpenVXI linux user/group.
mod: Correction for uniMRCP to stop the speech/ASR engine.
mod: Correction for disable bargein with the speech/ASR.
add: Increase the Asterisk compatibility (disable the using the channel context).
mod: Ignore the ASR result if a DTMF interaction occured.
add: Support the attribut repeat for SRGS/XML DTMF grammars.
add: Options to pass all the SRGS/XML grammars to ASR engine (voice and DTMF).
add: Support for Asterisk 1.8.
add: Add the context support in the app_vxml redirect (‘@exten@context’).
mod: Correction for MDTel (shadow ‘out’ value set).
add: Option parseSRGS to disable the SRGS parsing in the browser.
mod: Correction for speech unimrcp and Nuance (support out=).
mod: Correction of the session contexts initalisation (ctx->url).
mod: Enable the cdrupdate in case of vxml(@) using.
mod: Correction to enable the H323 license option.
add: Add the parameter param (to force the session.param variable in VoiceXML).
add: Add the parameter priorityevents.
mod: Correction for Vestec ASR (word compare without case sensitive).

La compatibilidad de VXI* es para sistemas 1.4, 1.6 y 1.8 de ASterisk.

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