Jeff Pulver busca el “ODPC” en VoIP

24 Mar

Jeff Pulver con motivo del Von.x en San José, anuncia su nuevo proyecto “FWD’s Global Communications Project”.

Jeff Pulver, visionario, Geek , emprendedor y una de las personas que más aman las camisas hawaianas :), ya habí­a lanzado en 1995 la primera red mundial VoIP con FWD.

Este nuevo proyecto busca lanzar terminales VoIP (“el one device per child 🙂 “) a un precio reducido que permita dotar a ciudades desde docena hasta billones de dispositivos voip.

FWD’s Global Communication Project (GCP) seeks to leverage VoIP and open standards in a device that delivers affordable communication beyond even the very rapid and ongoing price performance improvements achieved by the cellular industry. We have in mind a device costing a fraction of the $25 price point associated with low end SIP phones, and a business model without monthly service charges. The design requirements call for a device that copes with rural realities or urban environments and supports deployment scales from a few dozen to billions of devices.

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