IP dialing con Sipura

7 May

Está escrito por mí­ hace tiempo en inglés 😉 .


This configuration allows you to call a PAP2 device directly via ip. I mean you can call without registering in a SIP server, for example because its down.

I use Line2 , but you can configure the line you want.

Enter on Admin Login, and Line 2 Advanced View.

1.- Select NAT Mapping Enable ->NO

2.- On Proxy and Registration select Register: -> NO . Too select Make Call Without Reg -> YES & Ans Call Without Reg-> YES

3.- On User ID: Put the number you want to have. For example 1.

4.- Later on Dial Plan select Enable IP Dialing:-> YES

Restart and save configuration.

Then to call this number, you have to do in other interface configured as this one , but with a different User ID. 2 for example.

How to call telephone One (1):

1*a*b*c*d*port(5060 or 5061)# and you will have an incoming call on the telephone you called to.

a, b,c,d means 8 bits digits of IP (, etc….).


3 thoughts on “IP dialing con Sipura

  1. I´m using a Linksys BEFSX41 and I just make the port forwarding but i can´t make a call, I´m trying to call as the example: 192*168*2*117*5060# this is the public ip… 🙁 what can I do?

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